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The Dead Sea Adventure Hostel is located at 68 Odem street, Arad. We are a 1.5 hour’s drive South of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Ben Gurion Airport, and a 2 hours’ drive from Ovda airport. Masada and the Dead Sea are both a 25 minutes drive away.

Few facts about public transportation in Israel:
1. On buses, you need to pay in cash directly to the driver, when you get on, and they will normally have change.
2. Using the train, you need to buy a ticket before getting on. There are automatic machines, or you can buy from the cashier in the station. You can pay by credit card or with cash.
3. Timetables are not very accurate (especially on buses) so we advise you to arrive to the station 5-10 min before scheduled departure.
4. There is no public transportation (buses/ trains) during the Shabbat (Friday afternoon until Saturday night).
5. On the train and on some of the buses you will have free wifi.
6. At some train stations, you can buy an anonymous Rav-Kav card, which you can load with money and use on all public transportation.
7. Google Maps gives decent (although imperfect) public transportation directions.  

How to get:

From Tel Aviv,     From Jerusalem,     From Eilat,    From Dead Sea

Once in Arad:

Take bus number 1 or 11 from Arad Central Station, and get off at the station named “Odem/Mishmar”. You’ll see our orange fence and a sign that reads ”Welcome Backpackers”.




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