Sunrise at Masada

Masada Sunrise is recognized as a top 10 things to do in Israel.

Can I reach Masada in time for sunrise? How?

Lucky for you, the Hostel is located just a short ride from Masada!

So if you have a car: then it’s no problem. Only 15-20 minutes drive (follow road 3199) and you are below Masada, another short 10-15 mins’ hike and you are at the top! The road finish in site, so you will need to go back through Arad. It is perfect, because you don’t need to pack in the morning! Come back after sunrise, eat breakfast, enjoy your coffee and continue your travel 🙂

BUT if you don’t: you still have hope 🙂 Hitchhiking is very common along the way to Masada, especially during the time before the sunrise. In the Hostel there is also a carpooling board, and is a great platform to meet people who share the same plans as you and combine forces.

More so, the Hostel provides a direct shuttle to Masada and back.

Choose best way for you and enjoy beautiful sunrise!

See you on the wild-trails,
Your amazing hostel team 🙂

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