Masada from the Hostel

Can I get to Masada from the Hostel?

Of course! The hostel is located at the best place for one of the top 10 thing to do in Israel: “Masada SUNRISE”
A little background first: Masada’s National Park has two entrances, one at the east side near the highway 90 and the Dead Sea. That’s where the Visitor Center, the cable car and the Snake Path are located. The other entrance at the west side, called the Roman Ramp, is just a short ride from the Hostel!

There are even a number of options how to get there!

If you want to enter through the east entrance and hike the Snake Path: One option is public transport. The buses that go to Masada from the city of Arad stop at the visitor center. This is the long way however, as the bus ride is around 40 minutes and the hike itself (Snake Path) ranges between 40 minutes to an hour. But this is also the only entrance accessible by public transport.

The second entrance, The Roman Ramp, is much closer. Only 15-20 minutes drive and you are below Masada, another short 10-15 mins’ hike and you are at the top! The road leading to the Roman Ramp is only 1 minute walk away from the Hostel, and it is very common to hitchhike along the route. The only con is that there is no public transport along the road.

(Masada entrance fee: 29 nis per person, 24 nis for students)

Have fun in Masada!

See you on the wild trails,
Your amazing hostel team 🙂


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